Pope calls for worldwide ban on all weapons, but refuses to disarm his own security detail

Many Catholic faithful have been shaken to their core by a pope who is obviously so far to the Left it challenges their beliefs. 

Pope Francis has been criticized not just by Catholics but by many on the political Right for his views on everything from the environment to — now — the existence of weapons.

As noted by Infowars, the pontiff tweeted (yes, the pope tweets too, just like President Donald J. Trump — you got a problem with that?) early Sunday, “Do we really want peace? Then let’s ban all weapons so we don’t have to live in fear of war.”

The tweet garnered no small amount of criticisms with many pointing out the obvious: If the pontiff is a big believer in disarmament, he should “lead by example” and disarm his well-trained and well-armed security detail.

“Devout Catholic here, but honest question, if the Pope really wants this, will he lead by example and order the Vatican security to lay down their arms?” tweeted one user. 

“I’m trying so hard not to be sarcastic… This is fine in a world where people are perfect in their intentions & actions,” another Twitter user remarked. “However, this is not the world we live in. To completely ban weapons is to leave good people unarmed & to further arm & empower the unlawful.”

One user even referenced the Bible to refute the pope’s inane suggestion. “Man is fallen and full of sin. Cain will kill Abel as long as there are rocks,” the user noted.

Previous popes have called for a global ban on nuclear weapons, but Francis is believed to be the first to denounce all weapons entirely. (Related: Pope Francis SLAMS Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital: ‘I cannot keep quiet.’)

And of course, that’s just not realistic — any more than we should expect the pontiff to order his security detail to ‘lay down their weapons’ anytime soon. There are too many sickos in the world for him to become so vulnerable (and we’re sure he understands that).

But more to the point of weapons in general, anyone who seriously believes that disarmament would be universal isn’t thinking in “this” world. Before, during, and after Biblical times, there have been “wars and rumors of war.” It’s humankind’s nature — unfortunately — to fight and for any number of reasons (including differences in religious beliefs).

The Catholic Church is, of course, responsible for some of them. Beginning around 1095 A.D. and lasting until around 1272, there were eight numbered Crusades originating in Europe to the Holy Land (today’s Middle East). During that span of about 177 years, Christians and Catholics were fighting to retake the Holy Land from various Muslim nations. The first Crusade, which lasted until 1102, was the only successful one; Christian knights and warriors managed to take Jerusalem from the Moslem Turks. The primary reason why Pope Urban II called for his Crusade was in response to a request for assistance from the Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus I because his territory was being invaded and ransacked by the Moslem Turks. In addition, Moslem Turks had begun terrorizing, killing, and robbing Christian pilgrims from Europe when they traveled to visit the Holy Land.

Naturally, the Crusades involved the weapons of the day; were they fought today Christian forces would no doubt field fighter jets, electronic warfare systems, air and missile defense, artillery, a navy and sophisticated cyber-capabilities — and maybe even nuclear weapons.

The pope’s function is, of course, to stump for peace, and his message of peace is both well-received and understood. But there is a difference between the kind of world he seeks and the kind of world in which we currently live.

And the two visions don’t line up, unfortunately.

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J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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