Queers with guns: LGBTQ gun group is prepping for the next civil war; so far they have a whopping 18 members

Some of the very same Leftists who would have vehemently opposed the Second Amendment in the past because they believe that only the government should own firearms, are suddenly changing their tune now that their arch-enemy Donald Trump has been elected president.

Fearful that they might soon have to ward off roving hordes of Far-Right, Trump-supporting Nazi-fascists whose only desire is to murder them in cold blood, a paranoid group of lesbians, homosexuals, transgenders and other “queer” folk known as the “Trigger Warning Queer & Trans Gun Club,” has decided to meet regularly in upstate New York for target practice as they arm themselves to the teeth in anticipation of some kind of modern-day civil war.

According to reports, the Rochester-based group currently has 18 members, all of whom converge once a month with their shotguns and other weaponry to shoot clay pigeons and paper targets in a field. The group says its focus is centered around “empowerment and self-defense, not offense,” and that it wants to challenge the stereotype that members of the LGBTQ community are unable to defend themselves.

“Often, queer people are thought of as being weak, as being defenseless, and I think in many ways this pushes back against that,” one of the group’s co-founders is quoted as saying to NBC News.

However, other liberal groups are hinting that what the Trigger Warning club is doing with its routine gatherings amounts to more than just self-defense. In many ways, these queers with guns are trying to make a statement that their former position of non-pacifism is no longer applicable now that the threat of “white supremacy” is escalating. (Related: Gun control is incredibly popular among people who live under tyranny and oppression. Don’t they get it?)

“What we know in any arms race is that it’s never good for anybody, and death and destruction and harm and hurt can come when so many people have arms and weapons,” says Scott Fearing, executive director of Out Alliance, another LGBTQ group based out of Rochester.

Psychotic Leftists ironically and hypocritically support gun rights now that they feel their lives are in danger

What is truly ironic about this latest development in liberal la-la land is that self-defense has long been the mantra of gun-supporting conservatives, at least since the country’s founding. Just as the Founding Fathers emphasized, owning firearms and knowing how to use them is essential to the preservation of liberty. Not only does it ward off the threat of tyranny from a rogue government, but it also deters other criminal elements within society from causing trouble, helping to keep the peace.

Many a Leftist has mocked such a rationale, insisting that there are no threats in society and that nobody needs to own a firearm because they’re “dangerous.” But now that the Snowflake Generation feels threatened, the pro-gun narrative is being hijacked and appropriated to fit the agenda of the anti-Trump Left, which is right now going completely off the rails in defiance of the current administration.

Regardless of how nonsensical and irrational such fears may be, Trigger Warning is preparing to go to war. The group and its members are obviously far beyond the point of triggering, as they hypocritically adopt the conservative ideal of gun ownership for the purpose of self-protection and preservation.

Even some in the black community are abandoning their anti-gun stance as they join up with the so-called “National African-American Gun Association,” which reports indicate gained 500 new members in the aftermath of the infamous clash between “white nationalists” and “Antifa” in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Snowballing events of violence and protests this year have put America’s fringe groups on edge,” warns StockBoardAsset.com. “It’s hard to tell what the next trigger will be, but it’s obvious both sides of the aisle are preparing for conflict.”

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